Red Mesa Construction was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1994. Our vision is to contribute to making beautiful homes and commercial spaces while preserving a priority for sustainable building practices. We use materials from both local and natural sources requiring less embodied energy, for a more balanced environment whenever possible.

We are devoted to high quality and beauty within our finished projects as well as making great working relationships with our clients. We draw upon our customer’s vision as well as promoting healthy environments within the building envelope. We will suggest ways to “green up” your project to conserve expensive energy dollars.

Our mission with new construction is also inspired by several affiliation based initiatives such as the Architecture 2030 Challenge, supporting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and alternative wall construction systems like Rastra and Perform Wall that are in alignment with increased net energy savings while also reducing timber harvesting. We work closely with specialty trades devoted to these same principles so our customers can achieve their goals and their vision.

Kevin Van Slooten – General Contractor

Kevin Van Slooten - General ContractorKevin has been established in the home building trades since starting the company in California in 1983. He has been dedicated to mastering the profession of building design, construction management, and hand made houses. He holds a GB-98 Commercial Contractor’s license and a Solar Energy Certificate from the Santa Fe Community College sustainable technologies department. With an early background in guitar building, jewelry and furniture making, he sees home building as a form of artistic expression Whether it is a carved piece of aged timber, or a smooth plastered hallway leading to a spiral staircase, Kevin’s passion for quality is seamless.

His goal is to strive for excellence both in workmanship and working relationships, and he has many positive references over a 20 year period in Santa Fe.


Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a principal with Net Zero Design.  He has over 18 years of experience in the architectural profession.  Peter’s expertise includes site design, building layout and construction detailing, as well as computer graphics and technology and modelbuilding.  Peter Wilson holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Architecture from Tulane University.

Daylighting, Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation
Our expertise in daylighting applications and energy efficiency reflects over 17 years of work within the State of New Mexico.  Our goal is to reduce the need for artificial lighting and excessive mechanical heating and cooling, and their respective costs.  Our buildings generally operate at costs well below comparable facilities.

We also include water conservation strategies in our buildings to reduce the need for limited groundwater and municipal water resources.  Our goal is to capture and reuse on-site water by incorporating the latest in water management strategies.

LEED guidelines inform all of our projects regardless of LEED certification.