Red Mesa Construction is fully insured and licensed in New Mexico (GB-98). We offer commercial building and renovation services for retail, gallery, pub-restaurant, as well as light institution, independent schools and mixed use ventures. For your successful business venture, Red Mesa Construction brings over 20 years experience in renovating Santa Fe’s fine art and retail establishments. Our list of local businesses we have helped includes The The Children’s Garden Montessori Preschool, and 315 Restaurant and Wine Bar.


What is it about the high desert that draws us to this arid place?
Is it the way the light falls on the delicate landscape, or the full sun above?

Santa Fe is known for its use of old world surfaces and massive curved architectural styles with materials that brush up against wild and rough and Old West. It is also gaining in the direction of contemporary with clean, sharp lines and flat contours that inspire the feel of new and cutting edge modern. We endeavor to meet the feel and the elegance that you, our client, envision. A quick look at our gallery will take the viewer on tour of the numerous surfaces and color pallets we work with in our home building and renovation adventures.

Historic Styles Permit Development

Red Mesa can help with new development and reconstruction projects within the Historic Districts in the Santa Fe City limits. We have extensive experience with both residential and commercial permits as well as architectural development to satisfy local building codes. If your property is located in the sensitive downtown business district we can assist you in the required protocol for obtaining a building permit for your project whether the target is a home, an addition or a business venture. Please review our gallery.

Green Building Choices

At Red Mesa we promote high performance alternative wall construction over the standard stud-wall framing seen in many new construction projects. The systems we employ are well engineered to withstand the forces of wind, excessive heat and moisture, and mold. Rastra, Perform Wall, Straw Bale Building, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) such as Reward Wall will also ensure soundproofing and dramatically increased energy savings. These systems are also known for their solid and ‘massive’ feel and are a good fit for the Santa Fe tradition in building.

There are many options in the field of Sustainable Building Choices. Some have Federal tax credits and rebate programs available. We can also coach your project toward a passive solar retrofit and you can take advantage of solar tax credits as well as State of New Mexico financing programs for solar thermal or PV. Should you produce your own electricity? Is the start up cost worth it for your project? Or are you looking to make a neutral footprint on the carbon map. We offer design and installation of residential Solar PV systems for customers wanting either a stand alone, or a grid tied solar electric array.

Design Development

With over 25 years of experience in design aid, we have made it easy to take your project ideas and transform them into a comprehensive permit ready print set so you get the project started now. We make affordable drafting services available for proforma feasibility plotting, all the way to lender application review. Our computer aided design (CAD) specialist will meet with you to discuss your project and from there we work as a team toward a mutual goal… Build.